Friday, 26 February 2016

Royal View for New Dornoch Golf Apartments

Robert Ratcliffe, Director & General Manager, Royal Golf Hotel, Dornoch

More accommodation geared towards golfing visitors to the Highlands will soon be available with work starting last week on new luxury apartments in the grounds of the Royal Golf Hotel in Dornoch.

The initial block of nine, two-bedroom apartments – most with views over Royal Dornoch’s world renowned Championship Course – will be completed near the end of next season, during the celebrations to mark 400 years of golf being played in the town.

Royal Golf Hotel apartments artists impression

Each has en-suite facilities, open plan kitchen/dining room and lounge and will be valuable additions to the accommodation provision for visitors, not just for Dornoch but also for the wider Highlands.
The Royal Golf Hotel could not be better placed, positioned overlooking the first tee of the Championship Course which is ranked as one of the best in the world. Some 85 per cent of our guests are golfers and the new apartments will be predominantly used by people coming to play at Royal Dornoch and some of the other high class courses in the region.

They will also add to the quality facilities in the Highland Golf Links partnership and may encourage more visitors to take advantage of HGL’s Play and Stay packages which pair our fantastic links courses with the finest accommodation.


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